About Yili
Zhejiang Yili Machinery & Electric is a manufacturer who focuses on all kinds of cleaning equipments and relative products.
APS 2019 - Best of China
April 28,2019


Asia Pacific Sourcing(APS) was held in Cologne, Germany, from February 25 to 27, 2019. The exhibition attracted 648 Chinese enterprises. In this year's Best of China Zone, 38 of the most powerful Chinese enterprises have been selected. Yili is honored to be one of them.



Yili integrates world science and technology with China's wisdom, and independently develops cleaning equipment. Including pressure washers and vacuum cleaners, which are in line with the current market demand and user habits. 




Create products with innovative thinking and upgrade products according to user experience. Yili's original intention is to let everyone in the world experience cleanliness, enjoy cleanliness, and pursue a positive attitude towards life.


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